There are more girls on webcam and it's all more normal than ever before.  

So what happened? I guess it's a mix of a few factors, some economic some social and some technological. In a general sense in some countries like Canada society has been so damaged by the Government that it is almost impossible to get ahead in life by traditional means. Going to school and getting a degree doesn't mean anything any more, Trudeau has thrown the social contract out the window.

In may ways we are fortunate to have sites like OnlyFans and Cute Asian Girlfriends as this is the only way to make enough to cover the skyrocketing cost of rent and food in most Liberal democracies now.

So we hope that you will support our performers and above all have a great time. And if you are reading this and you are curious about making money as a performer yourself we can tell you the process is pretty easy. You have to be at least 18, have ID, and of course have a webcam and Internet.

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Cute Asian Girlfriends

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